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Bank Workers Win Lottery Bonus

Bank Workers Win Lottery Bonus
Updated: Monday 21st September 2015

A syndicate of bank workers at the Alliance and Leicester in Bootle, Liverpool, is celebrating after matching five main Lotto numbers and the bonus ball to win £132,388. The win occurred on Saturday 2 January, and as there are twelve players in the syndicate, each one is entitled to a ‘bonus’ payout worth £11,032. In actuality, the syndicate members have agreed to take £11,000 each and use the remaining £388 to fund more lottery entries in the future – which is just the kind of prudent decision that might be expected of people who work for a bank!

The lottery syndicate is led by 44 year old Beverley Kenyon, who said that the members are still in a state of shock about the win. “We only found out we had won when we went into work on Monday after New Year and checked our numbers on the internet,” she explained. “We have been running the syndicate for the last six years and although there have been odd £10 wins, this is the first time we have won big!”

As there are twelve members in the syndicate, it tends to buy that same number of lottery entries every week. The numbers themselves are based on birthdays that are significant to the syndicate players, and the lottery results that brought them the £132,388 win were 26, 29, 30, 42, 43 and 47, and the bonus ball was 18.

The syndicate members are now thinking about how to spend their share of the National Lottery windfall. Beverley herself is hoping to buy a sports car, but that is after she first takes a trip to Greece to visit a cousin who she hasn’t seen since she was nine years old.

Our congratulations go to Beverley and all of the other syndicate members, and we wish them well in trying for an even bigger win in the future.

Those of you who are inspired to try for your own lottery win can buy lottery tickets online for the Lotto draw this Wednesday 27 January, where you can play for a jackpot of around £2.4 million. Then, in the EuroMillions game on Friday 29 January, there is a rollover jackpot of £25 million as well as chance to win £1 million with the Millionaire Raffle. Any of these jackpots could change your life forever, so buy your tickets today and keep those fingers crossed!

Published: Monday 25th January 2010

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