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Asda Worker Wins a Million

Asda Worker Wins a Million
Updated: Wednesday 13th July 2016

A long-standing employee of an Asda store in Wolverhampton is celebrating after buying a lottery ticket after her shift and winning a EuroMillions Millionaire Maker prize of £1 million. Amanda Lewis, who is 49 and lives in the village of Featherstone, has worked at the store in Molineux Way for 14 years, and she now intends to enjoy a well-deserved holiday as she decides what to do with the money.

Amanda’s win was landed in the draw which took place on Tuesday 7 June. She had purchased her EuroMillions ticket with the proceeds of a £2.60 prize that she had won by matching two main numbers in the previous draw, and although she checked the main numbers briefly on Wednesday, it wasn’t until after her shift that she discovered how lucky she had been in the Millionaire Maker draw.

‘I asked the lady at the lottery kiosk to check my numbers,’ Amanda told reporters at a press conference. ‘When she started to smile, I went a bit weak at the knees.’

Amanda and her husband Barry are parents to 21-year-old twins, Ryan and Charlotte. After discovering her win, Amanda retreated to her car to figure out what to do next. 

‘I went and sat in the car and then couldn’t decide whether or not to go home and call or to phone from the car,’ she said. ‘I sat in the car park and called Barry, who didn’t believe me.’

Winning £1 million in the space of a day isn’t something one gets used to in a hurry, and Amanda is still coming to terms with her lottery success. ‘I’m still speechless and I’m not 100 per cent sure of what I’m going to do with the money,’ she said, but then she added that she had already discussed buying both Charlotte and Ryan a car, and that they would all be taking a family holiday to Cyprus.

‘Apart from that I’m just going to have a think, discuss it with Barry and take it steady,’ she said.

We congratulate Amanda on her Millionaire Maker win, and wish her every happiness for the future. 

Published: Wednesday 13th July 2016

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