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Are You Already a Winner?

Are You Already a Winner?
Updated: Friday 25th April 2014

We are fast approaching the end of what has been an extremely eventful year, but for a few lottery players it might have been a lot more eventful than they realise. That’s because there are several unclaimed National Lottery prizes in the system, and we’re not just talking about the odd £10 here or there. A ticket purchased in Devon for the Lotto draw on Wednesday 2 December won over £3.7 million, but the prize has not been claimed. There are also a few six figure wins outstanding, so our advice to everyone reading these words is to check your tickets!

If you are someone who plays the same numbers every time then visit our Lottery Checker page to see if your numbers have won any prizes that you might have missed. Those of you who find any odd lottery tickets sitting at the bottom of your jacket pocket, in the glove compartment of your car or anywhere else can use the same Lottery Checker to see if those numbers have managed to produce any wins.

It is very common for lottery players to simply assume that any unclaimed lottery prize must belong to someone else. But that isn’t always the case! So ask yourself: Have you checked the lottery results for every ticket you have purchased? Might you have bought yourself an extra ticket or two on the spur of the moment and forgotten all about it? Have you entered a set of numbers for several draws but only checked those numbers for one of them?

Several lottery players out there have won a small fortune without realising it, and a few have won pretty big fortunes! It would be a shame to miss out on that kind of success just because everyone assumes that someone else must have won, so take a few minutes to check your tickets thoroughly.

If, having done that, you are absolutely sure that you aren’t already a winner then you can of course play for a Lotto double rollover jackpot of £10 million on Wednesday 30 December, and for a EuroMillions rollover jackpot of £24 million on Friday 1 January. Buy lottery tickets online today and you could still enter 2010 as a multi-millionaire!

Published: Tuesday 29th December 2009

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