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April Showers of Lottery Cash

April Showers of Lottery Cash
Updated: Wednesday 9th April 2014

April showers are giving the UK a fair bit of rain right now, but Lotto players are also enjoying quite a few April showers of lottery cash this month. The midweek Lotto game last night saw two more tickets match all six of the main numbers drawn, bringing the total number of April Lotto jackpot winners to eleven. This month has also seen five tickets win £1 million each in the Millionaire Raffle games and half a dozen top prize winners in the Health Lottery draws. 

We said a moment ago that the latest winners were created in the midweek Lotto game, and the results that made it happen on Wednesday 17 April were 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 33. Players who like spotting patterns will have instantly noticed that the first five results just quoted form a straight sequence of even numbers, and although that kind of outcome isn’t at all meaningful from a statistical perspective it is still quite interesting to see. 

The Lotto jackpot last night beat earlier estimates, having a final value of £2,115,548, which gave each of the winning tickets an equal share worth £1,057,774. Seven lucky tickets matched five of the main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball (which was 35) to win a consolation prize worth £92,991 each, and 398 tickets won £1,105 each by matching five main numbers only. There were 12,768 tickets that matched four main numbers to win £70 each, and another 245,158 tickets won £10 each by matching three main numbers.

Whilst lottery fans have already witnessed plenty of jackpot wins this month, there is no reason why the April showers of cash shouldn’t continue to rain down on players. The next Lotto jackpot this Saturday 20 April will be worth around £3.8 million and that will come a day after the EuroMillions game offers a jackpot of around £12 million. Add in even more life-changing potential with the Millionaire Raffle and Health Lottery games and we could easily see participants enjoying another torrent of good fortune before the weekend hits the half-way mark.

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Written by Tony Sharpe 

Published: Thursday 18th April 2013

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