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Appeal for Millionaire to Claim

Appeal for Millionaire to Claim
Updated: Monday 11th June 2018

An appeal has been made for the Millionaire Raffle winner of Tuesday 6 September to come forward and claim their £1 million prize as no such claim has yet been received by game officials. One Millionaire Raffle entry is automatically assigned for every line of numbers purchased for the EuroMillions game in the UK, so every UK player who participated in the EuroMillions draw would have also taken part in the Millionaire Raffle game. Our advice is for players to look around for any misplaced or forgotten EuroMillions lottery tickets and to check them against the winning Millionaire Raffle number for 6 September, which was SLW245268.

As with all UK National Lottery draw-based games, the Millionaire Raffle prize winner has up to 180 days from the draw taking place to claim their prize. That makes the claims deadline for this particular prize 3pm on Sunday 4 March, 2012. Unfortunately, the longer the winner leaves it to make their claim, the less likely he or she is to come forward at all. Whilst a few winners have previously managed to beat the claims deadline at the eleventh hour, the more time that passes after the draw without a claim being made, the more likely it is that the prize will never be claimed. In that event the prize money would automatically be added to the fund for Good Causes, but the winner would miss out completely.

If the Millionaire Raffle winner had purchased their ticket online then they would have received an email bringing the win to their attention, and it would also have made it much easier for lottery officials to trace them. As it stands, we can only hope that the owner of the winning ticket will discover the win for themselves and make their claim before it is too late.

Those of you who have checked your tickets already and are confident that you aren’t the missing Millionaire Raffle winner shouldn't be despondent because you can have a go at becoming the next lottery millionaire this evening. There is a rollover jackpot of £23 million to play for in the EuroMillions game and every line of numbers that you enter when you buy your EuroMillions lottery tickets will also get you a chance of winning tonight’s Millionaire raffle prize of £1 million. Think positive and good luck!

Written by Ian Bruce

Published: Friday 23rd September 2011

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