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Appeal for Fife Millionaire Maker Winner

Appeal for Fife Millionaire Maker Winner
Updated: Wednesday 20th July 2016

A lottery player in Fife is the rightful owner of a Millionaire Maker prize of £1 million, but has yet to make their claim, and it could well be the case that they aren’t even aware of their win. Even worse, the win was achieved in the Mega Friday draw on Friday 24 June, so in addition to the seven-figure cash prize, the owner of the winning ticket has a trip-of-a-lifetime to New Zealand awaiting them.

Everyone who plays the EuroMillions lottery in the UK automatically gets an entry into the Millionaire Maker game, so players who aren’t aware of that fact, or who forget about their inclusion, may neglect to check their Millionaire Maker code(s) as well as their main EuroMillions numbers. It’s a scary thought, but if a player throws away their ticket without checking it thoroughly, they could accidently miss out on a fortune and never realise it.

To illustrate that point, one need only look at the story of Helena Panford in Belfast. Several weeks ago, Helena discovered that she had won a £1 million prize in the Millionaire Maker draw when she followed her daughter’s advice and took her ticket to the local lottery outlet to have it checked. 

Helena had already had a quick check of the EuroMillions numbers and she knew that she hadn’t landed the jackpot, so the £1 million prize in the supplementary game really took her by surprise. If her daughter hadn’t been so insistent about getting the ticket checked properly, the outcome of that story could have been very different.

Because it can be so easy to overlook the Millionaire Maker code, lottery players in Fife, as well as those who may have purchased a ticket there whilst passing through the county, are being urged to search around for any tickets that they may have tucked away, and check them again. The winner has until Wednesday 21 December to claim their prize, and if they don’t meet that deadline, the £1 million will be forfeited and added instead to the fund for Good Causes.

Those of you who want to be sure that you never miss out on a lottery prize of any kind can check your tickets quickly and easily using one of our free Lottery Results Checkers. There is a separate checker for each lottery game, and when you enter the number(s) from your ticket they will be checked against our database of numbers for the past 180 days, which is as long as players have to claim any prize that has been won. And, of course, if you play EuroMillions, don’t forget to use both the EuroMillions and the Millionaire Maker checker.

Published: Wednesday 20th July 2016

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