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Another Outright Lottery Winner!

Another Outright Lottery Winner!
Updated: Tuesday 8th April 2014

The second of two special Lotto games took place on Saturday, with Chris Evans once again presenting a draw with a guaranteed jackpot of £10 million, and for the second week running that top prize was won by a single ticket. The Lotto results that made one person £10 million richer on Saturday 12 October were 05, 12, 21, 26, 33 and 45, and the Bonus Ball number was 35. There were plenty of consolation prizes won by other players, and in the new Lotto Raffle game there were 1,000 winners of £20,000 each.

Starting with the consolation prize winners in the main Lotto game, 535 tickets came excruciatingly close to landing a share of the jackpot by matching five main numbers. Two of those tickets also landed the Bonus Ball number to secure a second tier prize which was worth £206,150 each, and the tickets that landed five main numbers only had to settle for a third tier prize of £656 each. You will notice the huge difference between the third and second tier payout figures just mentioned, and that illustrates just how important the Bonus Ball can be if you have already matched five of the main numbers.

At the lowest two prize tiers, 24,613 tickets matched four main numbers only to win the handy sum of £75 each, and another 403,281 tickets won the smallest prize of £25 each by matching three main numbers. Add all of those winners together and you will find that 428,430 tickets achieved some kind of success in the main game, so it wasn’t a bad Saturday night by any means.

Of course, all of that happened in the main game. Players also had the new Lotto Raffle to get excited about, with 1,000 winners being created instead of the 50 that would normally be the case when the main game offers a non-rollover jackpot. Each of those winners can now claim a prize of £20,000, which should come in very handy with people now beginning to think about their Christmas shopping lists.

Saturday night was also a lucky one for three Health Lottery players who managed to match all five of the numbers drawn to win the best possible prize of £100,000 each. The Health Lottery results were 11, 26, 29, 38 and 47, and the Bonus Ball number was 03. More than 11,000 tickets won consolation prizes by matching three or four main numbers, with or without the Bonus Ball number.

Players can now look forward to playing for a brand new Lotto jackpot of around £2.5 million this Wednesday, but before we get to that we have a multi-rollover jackpot of around £42 million to play for in the Tuesday EuroMillions game. Click here to buy tickets for both of those games and you just might win yourself a prize in each of them!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Monday 14th October 2013

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