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Another Lottery Rollover Weekend!

Another Lottery Rollover Weekend!
Updated: Friday 10th October 2014

No player managed to match all six numbers in the Lotto draw on Wednesday 13 January, so we are once again facing the exciting prospect of a rollover weekend. The Lotto rollover jackpot for Saturday 16 January will be worth an estimated £7 million and, in case you’ve forgotten, there is a EuroMillions triple rollover jackpot of £51 million up for grabs this Friday 15 January. Add to all of that a €7.5 million multi-rollover jackpot in the Irish Lottery on Saturday and you have a whole range of life-changing opportunities to take advantage of!

The lottery results for the Lotto draw on Wednesday were 06, 08, 14, 16, 21 and 43, and the Bonus Ball was 19. Although nobody matched all of the main numbers, 12 players matched five of them plus the Bonus Ball to win a second tier prize of £59,071 each. Another 346 players matched five main numbers only and picked up a third tier prize of £1,280 each.

Because there are three huge jackpots to look forward to this week, it makes a lot of sense to buy all of your lottery tickets in advance at the same time. You can buy EuroMillions and Lotto tickets by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of this page as usual, but if you want to buy Irish Lottery tickets as well you should use our buy lottery tickets online link so that you can do everything from the same page.

Players of the UK Lotto game who want to take lottery statistics into consideration when picking their numbers should note that the most overdue numbers right now are 07, 10, 46, 38, 09 and 11. The most overdue numbers in the EuroMillions game are 01, 03, 48, 02 and 10, with 06 and 04 being the most overdue Lucky Star numbers.

With £51 million to play for in the EuroMillions game on Friday (plus a £1 million Millionaire Raffle prize), £7 million in the Lotto game on Saturday and another €7.5 million in the Irish Lottery also on Saturday, you have at least four chances of waking up on Sunday morning as a brand new millionaire. Buy several tickets for each game and you can increase your chances even further! Good luck!

Published: Thursday 14th January 2010

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