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Another jaw-dropping Euromillions Rollover

Another jaw-dropping Euromillions Rollover
Updated: Friday 17th July 2015

This lottery journalist is used to reporting on large jackpots. I knew last night’s £120 million Euromillions draw was a rollover, but when I woke up this morning, would I arise to the news that the astronomical jackpot had been won? After all, it had rolled over multiple times, possibly due to the inclusion of two extra Lucky Star numbers. Could a UK resident have won it? Indeed, I had an exceptionally vivid dream where a friend of mine was the only winner. It was looking good for Britain.

As I scrolled down the page to check the results, I immediately saw it was yet another rollover. But when I saw the estimated jackpot for this coming Friday, my eyes (and I mean this genuinely) bulged from my face, my jaw fell open in shock, and I gasped.

£136 million. A truly staggering amount.

Five players matched five numbers and one star to walk away with £261,260, and nine players matched five balls to become £48,382 richer.

If the aim of the change was to create more big money draws and more rollovers, it is certainly happening now. Or it could be that the addition of extra balls will make the jackpot too difficult to win.

In fact, this lottery journalist witnessed something quite shocking last Friday night. A friend was buying a Euromillions ticket at a well-known supermarket. Instead of the traditional red and white ticket, it was printed on a piece of bland white till roll and was lost soon after. When the stakes are so high, a flimsy ticket cannot afford to go in the bin by accident.

Either way, even more mega-jackpots are on the way, which will surely generate a last-minute rush at ticket outlets across the UK this Friday. Buy your tickets online now to beat the queues, and always be safe in the knowledge you will NEVER throw your ticket away.

Written by Diana Nubuck

Published: Wednesday 29th June 2011

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