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Another EuroMillions Triple Rollover

Another EuroMillions Triple Rollover
Updated: Friday 18th September 2015

Another EuroMillions triple rollover jackpot of £52 million will be up for grabs this Friday 17 April, 2009 after no National Lottery players were able to match all five main numbers and both Lucky Star numbers. The last EuroMillions triple rollover was offered on Friday 9 January, 2009, and it ended up being won by a single ticket-holder. Will another individual scoop the £52 million this Friday?

We’ll find out soon enough, but if you want to increase your chances there are several things you can do. The first is buy more tickets. Each EuroMillions ticket gives you single chance of winning the jackpot, so you can multiply your chances of winning by buying multiple tickets. Each ticket for the EuroMillions triple rollover costs exactly the same as for a regular draw, and you can buy lottery tickets online as usual.

If you don’t want to invest more of your own cash on extra tickets, you could join or form a lottery syndicate. This doesn’t take a great deal of effort, but it can pay off handsomely. Just think, if you were part of a syndicate of ten players and any one of your tickets managed to scoop the £52 million, you would each get £5.2 million!

Yet another way of increasing your EuroMillions chances is to use a lottery system. A simple EuroMillions system would be to buy nine tickets and make sure you have a different Lucky Star number on each (1 to 9). This would guarantee you at least one Lucky Star number no matter what happens. You would still need a good amount of luck to match the rest of the numbers, but it’s certainly a nice start to know you’re already one seventh of the way to the jackpot!

If you do manage to win the EuroMillions triple rollover jackpot this Friday, make sure you know how to deal with the situation. Check out our Winners Game Plan for advice on what to do should you get the EuroMillions results of your dreams.

Good luck!

Published: Monday 13th April 2009

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