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500 Raffle Winners Guaranteed!

500 Raffle Winners Guaranteed!

The midweek Lotto Raffle game this week will be celebrating Christmas Eve by awarding ten times as many prizes as usual. The Lotto Raffle game usually guarantees 50 winners of £20,000 each, but the Christmas Eve draw will see 500 players win that sum instead. Those winners will be created regardless of whether or not anyone lands the top prize in the main Lotto game, which is expected to be worth around £8 million after the rollover last Saturday.

All of that makes the midweek action tonight even more exciting than usual, and it guarantees that plenty of participants will wake up on Christmas morning feeling a whole lot richer than would have been the case otherwise. We should also point out that Boxing Day this year falls on the last Friday of the month, so there will be a Mega Friday draw for EuroMillions players and the Millionaire Maker game will create 10 brand new winners of £1,000,000 each!

Talking of the EuroMillions game, the results of the first draw of the week on Tuesday 23 December were 08, 09, 19, 25 and 49, and the Lucky Star numbers were 02 and 10. There was a brand new jackpot up for grabs, the final value of which was £11.78 million, but none of the tickets that were entered for the game were able to match all seven numbers drawn, so the jackpot rolled over to the Boxing Day draw mentioned a moment ago, where it is expected to be worth around £20 million.

There were three tickets that won a second tier EuroMillions prize of £270,957 each by matching all five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars, and one of those tickets had been purchased by a player in the UK. Another 10 tickets won £27,095 each by matching five main numbers only, and more than 1.91 million smaller prizes were won at the lower consolation levels. UK players collectively won over £2.47 million, and the Millionaire Maker game awarded an additional £1 million to the owner of the ticket bearing the code CHB485448.

Returning to the Christmas Eve Lotto game this evening, our Lottery Statistics reveal that the most overdue numbers are 16, 12, 20, 08, 01 and 21. Those numbers don’t have any more chance of appearing than any others, but it will be interesting to see if one or more of them help someone to win the £8 million rollover jackpot that is on offer. Click here to buy your tickets online and you’ll also have a chance of picking up one of those 500 Lotto Raffle prizes of £20,000 each. Have a fantastic Christmas Eve and good luck!

Written by Tony Sharpe

Published: Wednesday 24th December 2014

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