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£1 Million for Surprised Lottery Winner

£1 Million for Surprised Lottery Winner
Updated: Monday 5th December 2016

A lottery player who believed that she had won a EuroMillions prize of just £2.40 ‘because that’s all I ever won’ got the surprise of her life when she discovered almost three weeks later that she was actually a millionaire. 

Jacqui Shannon, who is from Witham in Essex and works for the NSPCC, plays the lottery online. She is used to receiving email notifications whenever she wins a prize, but historically she had only ever picked up fairly modest prizes. That being the case, she didn’t find it difficult to ignore the ‘news about your ticket’ email that she received shortly after the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 1 November.

‘I play online and tend to buy a few weeks-worth at a time, which is what I had done on this occasion, using £25 from a previous win,’ Jacquie explained. 'When I saw the email telling me I'd had a win I assumed it was something small so just didn't get around to checking it.’

Jacqui didn’t log into her online lottery account until a few weeks later, when she decided that she needed to top up her balance. And that’s when she discovered that she didn’t need to top up her account at all, because her EuroMillions ticket had won one of the two Millionaire Maker prizes of £1 million that had also been up for grabs.

Initially, the 46-year-old mum of one couldn’t quite believe her eyes, and she kept on looking at the figure on the screen and counting the zeros. But then the enormity of her success began to sink in, and she quickly wished that she had checked her account a little earlier. ‘Had I known I was a millionaire for those weeks,’ she said, ‘I wouldn’t have had to worry about how we were going to get my car MOT’d!’

Jaqui now intends to take a first-class trip to see her sister in Dubai, buy new cars for herself and her husband, and to ensure that her son’s future is financially secure. We congratulate her on her win and wish her every success and happiness in the months and years ahead. 

This is a great story to begin the week with, and once again it highlights the importance of checking the Millionaire Maker and Lotto Millionaire Raffle codes as well as the numbers from the main draws. There are several big lottery prizes won in recent weeks that have yet to be claimed, so if you haven’t been in the habit of checking your tickets thoroughly be sure to visiting our Unclaimed Lottery Prizes page for further details. 

Published: Monday 5th December 2016

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