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Lotto History

Lotto launched in 1994 as the National Lottery and has been going strong ever since. Take a look at the Lotto timeline below to find out about previous changes to Lotto since the first draw in November 1994.

Previous Changes to Lotto

Lotto Timeline

19th Nov 1994

The first ever Lotto draw, known as The National Lottery at the time, is held.

10th Jun 1995

Business partners Mark Gardiner and Paul Maddison from St Leonards-on-Sea in East Sussex win the biggest ever Lotto prize on a single ticket when they claim 22.5 million.

6th Jan 1996

The biggest ever Lotto jackpot of 42 million is shared by three anonymous ticket holders who each won 14 million.

5th Feb 1997

A Wednesday Lotto draw is introduced.

18th May 2002

First draw following the name change from the National Lottery to Lotto.

10th Feb 2011

Lotto Rollover limit was increased from three to four, meaning that even bigger prizes could be offered.

5th Nov 2011

Lotto Superdraw jackpot of 10 million shared by four players.

29th Sep 2012

First ever Lotto quadruple rollover saw a jackpot of 19.5 million shared by five ticket holders.

5th Oct2013
  • Bigger jackpots offered
  • Prize for matching three balls increased to 25 from 10
  • Ticket price increased from 1 to 2
  • Lotto Raffle introduced, offering 50 prizes of 20,000 in each draw
  • Lotto Plus 5 discontinued
  • Thunderball remained at 1 with a top prize of 500,000
8th Oct2015
  • Lotto Millionaire Raffle replaces Lotto Raffle, guaranteeing a 1 million winner in each draw in addition to 20 prizes of 20,000.
  • The four-rollover limit is scrapped, meaning jackpots can rise as high as the cap of 50 million.
  • The ball pool increases from 49 to 59.
  • A brand new prize of a Lotto Lucky Dip for matching just two numbers is introduced.
  • Lotto Hotpicks ball pool rises to 59, with the top prize for picking and matching five numbers growing to 350,000.
9th Jan2016
  • A record Lotto jackpot of 66 million was shared between two players who matched all six main numbers, with both winners receiving 33 million each.
21st Nov2017
  • It was announced that changes would be made in 2018 to give Lotto players a better winning experience.
23rd Dec2017
  • The next special Lotto event will take place on Saturday 23rd December, with 200 additional ticket holders guaranteed to win 20,000 each.