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Sunday 18th March 2018
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Irish Lotto Subscription

Irish Lotto offers jackpots worth millions of pounds and eight ways to win prizes. Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday and now you can subscribe for just 9.99 a month to make sure you never miss out on a game and save yourself money.

How It Works

Subscribing to Irish Lotto is a quick and simple process. Just follow these easy steps:

Your numbers will be automatically entered into two draws a week and any winnings will be paid straight into your online account. You can log in to change your numbers at any time, or just to check if you are a winner.

By signing up now for just 9.99 a month, you are getting a discount of 10.01 over a regular subscription. The following table shows how much you would save over time:

Length of Subscription Total Saving
1 month 10.01
3 months 30.03
6 months 60.06
12 months 120.12
24 months 240.24