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Health Lottery Raffle Results

Check the results from the Health Lottery Mega Raffle right here on this page. The raffle takes place on the first of every month and the latest winning code is added here shortly after each draw.

Every Health Lottery ticket purchased in the month leading up to the raffle includes a unique code, and each one of these codes is entered into the next raffle for the chance to win £250,000. Make sure you don't throw your ticket away after checking your Health Lottery results, as you could miss out on this amazing prize. You can see the results from the most recent draws in the table below.

Draw Date Raffle Results
Friday 1st Feb 2019 EH0102097341
Tuesday 1st Jan 2019 PO94A306N74R
Saturday 1st Dec 2018 EH0101333302
Thursday 1st Nov 2018 SD01492755315
Monday 1st Oct 2018 PHLAOF851520

All Mega Raffle codes start with either EH, IM, IW, PH, PO, PZ, or SD. The code you get depends on whether you bought your ticket online or in a store, and on which till or terminal the store used to produce the ticket. All raffle codes have an equal chance of winning.

What Do I Do If I Have a Winning Raffle Code?

Whether you bought your ticket online or in-store, upon winning the Mega Raffle you will need to call the Health Lottery Helpline on 0844 375 55 55. The customer support team will then talk you through the next steps and arrange for the payment to be made.

Please note that calls to the Health Lottery Helpline cost 7p per minute plus your telephone operator's rate.