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Monday 25th September 2017

#HiddenBalls Competition - Manchester

Find the Hidden Lottery Balls to Win Cash Prizes!

Win up to £200! Hidden Lottery Balls
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We've hidden balls around the country

All you have to do is find them to win a cash prize! Clues as to their whereabouts will be released on this page and on social media. Make sure you like and follow us to stay up to date.

Find a ball to win a cash prize!

There are four different colours, each worth a different cash amount - £50, £100, £150 and £200. But which colour is worth what amount? You won't know until you find one!

A few rules you should follow...

Only over 18's can take part in the competition, participation is at your own risk, only one prize can be won per person, and winners must be able to contact us via email.

Clues for Finding the #HiddenBalls

Follow these clues and be the first to find the balls to claim your cash prize. Like us on Facebook or follow us Twitter to get access to clues 24 hours before they appear here. If you're lucky enough to find a ball, take a photograph of yourself and the ball at the location where you found it, then follow the instructions written on it to claim your prize!

Note: All balls are hidden outside in the open.

Location Clue

A Pennine jump from our last clues, to a city divided by reds and blues.

Ball Clues

Found! Ball Value: £150
Green Ball

Green Ball

Where students rush home to their halls, here's where you'll find one of our balls.
If Oscar Wilde had joined the search, what would the wit think it was worth?
In the park's west end, the ball is stowed, travel south from Denmark Road.
Nestled away safe and sound, inside a tree the ball is found.
Found! Ball Value: £200
Purple Ball

Purple Ball

When looking for balls, you may well find some roses of a different kind.
In this huge park, it's plain to see how this may have been an observatory.
Take a trek to higher ground, this is where the ball is found.
Located at a column's base, you'll find this ball and win the race.
Found! Ball Value: £100
Pink Ball

Pink Ball

Your chance to find a nice cash treat, where the Thistle and the Mercure meet.
This one's easy, it's a steal, you'll find it near a great big wheel.
Looking for this ball, it's worth a shot, search behind a big plant pot.
To be this competitions hero, look right next to Caffè Nero
Found! Ball Value: £50
Blue Ball

Blue Ball

Where broadcasting no longer remains, you'll still find pubs and shops and trains.
If you're off to America and need some dollar, climb the stairs by the thirsty scholar.
You'll find these if you're adept, behind a building where bikes are kept.
If you're still searching but keep failing, the ball is squeezed into a railing.


Manchester Green Ball Winner

Green Ball Finder:
Kyle Battick

"It was an absolute moment!! Slightly exited to say the least, not sure what I'm gonna spend it on! I didn't find it by accident, the green ball was hunted down and captured!! Lol"
Manchester Purple Ball Winner

Purple Ball Finder:
Adam Mulcahy

"It was a fantastic feeling to find the ball... I got there early this morning and ran to the spot where I thought it was, nearly breaking my neck on the icy ground! When I found it, in typical manchester style I was Buzzin!"
Manchester Pink Ball Winner

Pink Ball Finder:
Oliver Kenyon

"I'd heard about the game from a mate. Got lucky as it was one of the first places I looked and Piccadilly is massive! Brilliant!"
Manchester Blue Ball Winner

Blue Ball Finder:
Vicky Kett

"I was following the clues online. It was 9.30 pm and I just decided to go! It was snowing and I was about to give up but on my way back to the car I saw it hiding in the railings. Awesome feeling! Best treasure hunt EVER!"

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Keep up-to-date with the search

We'll annouce any lucky winners on our Twitter and Facebook pages first, keeping you bang up to date with which balls and cash prizes are still available. Make sure you like and follow us to stay on top of the action, you don't want to be left behind!

Terms & Conditions

  1. #HiddenBalls Competition Promoter and Data Controller: Take That Ltd. Registered address: Tattersall House, East Parade, Harrogate HG1 5LT.
  2. All persons participating in the Competition will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and consent to their personal data being handled by the Data Controller for the purposes of the administration of the Competition.
  3. All participation requirements form part of the rules of participation in the Competition.
  4. Up to four cash prizes are available to be won at any one time - £50, £100, £150 and £200. Each amount is pre-assigned to a different coloured Hidden Ball. The corresponding amounts will not be revealed until a successful prize claim is made.
  5. To be eligible to win a prize, participants must find one of four hidden balls in locations as stated on the www.lottery.co.uk/find page. Once a ball is found, the participant must take a photograph of themselves with the ball clearly visible at the location where the ball was found.
  6. Participants must be resident in the UK.
  7. Participants must be 18 years of age or over. Any claim for a prize by a participant under the age of 18 will be refused.
  8. Prizes are not transferrable.
  9. Only one prize may be claimed per household. The claimant will be required to provide suitable proof of address to confirm eligibility.
  10. Prizes will only be paid out once on each eligible ball and the finder of any ball must not return it to its original hiding place or any other hiding place in the locality. The finder is entitled to keep the ball.
  11. Under circumstances where a prize claim is made and the claimant is ineligible as determined by these Terms and Conditions, the prize amount will be donated to a registered charity of the claimants’ choice.
  12. Prize claims will only be accepted through the URL printed on the Hidden Balls. Claimants must contact Lottery.co.uk via email using the address stated on the URL. The Promoter will then contact the Claimant by email to verify their claim and arrange payment of the prize.
  13. Winners may choose to have their prizes paid in cash or via bank transfer. Cash prizes must be collected in person from the office of the Promoter in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
  14. Winners will be announced on Lottery.co.uk and its corresponding social media platforms.
  15. All Winners will be required to participate in publicity arising from this Competition including, but not limited to, having their names, photographs and quotes displayed on Lottery.co.uk and its corresponding social media platforms.
  16. The Winners' details (name and town of residence only) will be made available on request by sending a Stamped Address Envelope marked "Lottery.co.uk Hidden Balls" to the following address: Take That Ltd., PO Box 200, Harrogate HG1 2YR within ten weeks of the date of announcement.
  17. The Promoter accepts no liability for any damage, vandalism, injury, loss of earnings or costs incurred directly or indirectly as a result of participation in this Competition.
  18. These Terms and Conditions and any issues or disputes which may arise out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or participation in the Competition (whether such disputes or issues are contractual or non-contractual in nature, such as claims in tort, for breach of statute or regulation or otherwise) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Participants hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales to settle any such disputes or issues.
  19. This Competition is not open to employees of Take That Ltd and their families and friends.

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Tuesday 26th September 2017
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