Sunday 21st September 2014
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Lotto Raffle Results

This page displays the latest Lotto Raffle results. Please note that there are a minimum of 50 Lotto Raffle codes drawn in every game and this increases by 50, up to a maximum* of 250, each time the main Lotto jackpot rolls. For example, for a quadruple rollover there will be 250 codes drawn, each winning £20,000.

The winning Lotto Raffle codes are drawn shortly after the main Lotto numbers. To see if you’re a winner in the main draw, visit the Lotto Results page.

Draw Date Raffle Numbers Drawn
September 20th 2014
View All 50 Lotto Raffle Numbers
September 17th 2014
View All 250 Lotto Raffle Numbers
September 13th 2014
View All 200 Lotto Raffle Numbers
September 10th 2014
View All 150 Lotto Raffle Numbers
September 6th 2014
View All 100 Lotto Raffle Numbers

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Lotto Raffle prizes are valid for 180 days from the date of the draw and it is advisable to check tickets as soon as possible so that any prize can be claimed immediately.

* UK Lotto may, from time to time, offer additional Lotto Prizes to celebrate special events. On 5th and 12th October 2013 the Lotto Raffle prizes were increased to 1,000 per draw to celebrate the launch of the UK Lotto Raffle.

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