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Postcode Lottery


The Postcode Lottery has been operating in the UK since 2005 following the same structure as lotteries played in Netherlands and Sweden since 1989. It is a subscription lottery which means players pay a monthly fee to participate. After signing up the player is automatically entered into each draw during the month using their residential postcode.

Prizes, which include cash, luxury holidays and cars, can be won every day in addition to special draws held on Saturdays and throughout the year. The Postcode Lottery's primary aim is to raise money for its charitable trusts with 22.5% of all revenue going to charity.

Postcode Lottery Results

As the Postcode Lottery has winners every day it can be difficult to keep track of the most up to date results. To make it easier to see if your postcode has won, you can click here to see the most recent results for the postcode lottery.

How to Win Prizes on the Postcode Lottery

There are several ways to win prizes when you subscribe to the People's Postcode Lottery. The most common way to win is by the postcode you reside in being chosen at random to win a prize. One off monthly prizes can also be won by specific players within the postcode. Players can choose to buy one, two or three tickets for each draw and a prize is won for each ticket the player has bought for that draw. So, the more tickets you play, the more money you could win.

For example, if your postcode comes up with a £1,000 Daily Prize and you have three tickets you will win £3,000. Every other participating player within your winning postcode will also win £1,000 for each ticket they hold.

The prizes below are paid out if your postcode is chosen at random to win a prize:

Daily Prize

Each weekday, one winning postcode will be drawn at random for each participating player within the postcode. The prize is £1,000 per ticket.

Each Sunday 6,000 postcodes are chosen at random and each ticket within each postcode chosen will win £5.00.

Saturday Street Prize

Each Saturday there is a special prize worth £10,000 per ticket on offer for every player in the randomly picked postcode.

Postcode Millions

The Postcode Lottery often holds special draws which see prizes worth millions distributed amongst the players in a winning postcode. The Postcode Millions will see the Million Pound Plus prize funds distributed between all the tickets which have been purchased within that winning postcode. Draws are usually held once every several months, and can have a value of up to £2 million.

Players will also accumulate Postcode Millions Points during the year as they play. Players with more points will then gain a greater share of the Postcode Millions prize should they be lucky enough to win. Points are reset at the end of each year.

The Peoples Postcode Lottery also hosts special monthly draws which will see individual players within a postcode win a prize. Specific tickets will be chosen at random to win a car or a holiday once a month. Alongside these special prizes, the postcode which the winner resides in will also share a cash prize of £100,000.