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Unexpected Winnings

Welsh business studies student Paul Thomas popped out to his local store on a Sunday morning to get a packet of cornflakes for breakfast. In his change was a £1 coin, which he used to buy an orange edition National Lottery scratchcard. Casually munching his breakfast Paul could not believe it as he scratched off all noughts, which meant he’d won £100,000. As he checked and re-checked his card, he called his flatmate to confirm he was not seeing things. Now, Paul plans to finish his 4,000 word course assignment, take his mum and dad to Australia, go to Brazil with his girlfriend, buy a car and put the rest of the money into buying a house.

Carol Brewerton was a bit annoyed when some overhead seagulls scored direct hits on her as she walked along the seafront in Scarborough. She wasn’t so cross the next day though when on scratching her Football Fortunes 2006 scratchcard she saw she’d won £60,000. In danger of being run-over as stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the road, Carol rushed back to the newsagent and asked them to check for her. Seagull droppings are supposed to bring good luck, and the first thing Carol is going to spend her money on is, some dry cleaning!

- 19/6/06