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New Rich for Life Scratchcard

A brand new National Lottery Rich For Life scratchcard costing £5 offers a top prize of £40,000 a year, every year, for the rest of your life. This is said to be the biggest annuity offered by any National Lottery.

The launch of the Rich For Life scratchcard is being promoted by a television advertising campaign which launched on Sunday and will continue running until the end of next February. The advertising campaign has been designed to help viewers imagine what it would be like to have £40,000 a year over and above their regular income.

The commercial starts with an airline passenger looking uncomfortably crammed between two larger passengers in an economy class seat. After a few moments of watching the passenger struggle to take a drink (and spilling it instead, thanks to the inconsideration of the people in the neighbouring seats) we hear the scratchcard sound and the scene changes as if by magic.

Now the passenger is sitting in luxury. The seats are leather, the surroundings are spacious and, instead of a large passenger on either side, two air hostesses serve champagne and lobster. At this point in the commercial we hear a voice telling us that we can, "Win forty grand a year for life - and relax with the Rich For Life scratchcard."

Speaking about the commercial, Howard Groves, Camelot's Director of Game Development, said: "The campaign really captures the idea of what you could do with £40,000 per year ever year for the rest of your life. It's about not having to put up with life's every day irritants.

"January is a time of when that a lot of people will be dreaming of getting away from a damp and cold Britain, and what could be better than being able to jet away from it all in style? The brief behind the campaign was to open up people's minds to the world of possibilities that this game's £40,000-a-year top prize could bring."

Rich For Life scratchcards are on sale now at a cost of £5 each.

- 16/01/07