Monday 30th March 2015
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Norfolk Lotto

Norfolk Lotto

A Norfolk Lotto player won £76,756 on Wednesday 08 October, 2008, despite his usual habit of only ever playing on Saturdays. George Beales, who lives in Diss, strayed from his personal UK Lotto tradition to buy himself a ticket for the midweek draw, and is now thanking his lucky stars that he did!

Previously, George had been a stickler for tradition as far as the lottery was concerned. He had only played the National Lottery game on Saturdays since it was launched, and he always played the same numbers. Then, for no apparent reason, he suddenly decided to play the Wednesday game.

“I really can’t explain what made me buy a ticket for the Wednesday draw because we normally only ever play on Saturday – and have done ever since The National Lottery started,” George said.

George has a wife named Joyce and they discovered the win on Thursday evening when they checked their numbers in their local newspaper. Not quite believing their eyes, they immediately referred to Teletext to see if there hadn’t been a misprint. Although the numbers on the screen were the same, they still weren’t entirely convinced that they had matched five main numbers and one bonus ball to scoop a £76,756 prize.

“When I checked the numbers in the newspaper Joyce thought I had misread them, so we decided to go back to the shop and get them to check for us,” George explained. “It’s probably the only time in my life that I can genuinely say I was happy to have been in a supermarket twice in two days!”

The couple are now planning how to best spend their lottery windfall, and two items already on their shopping list are a new bathroom and a new kitchen for their home.

Monday 20th October 2008

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