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Lucky Lottery Postcode

Many people believe there are lucky places to live, or lucky names to have. The National Lottery operator Camelot has recently released some information that looks like this could be true! They’ve looked at the postcodes of lottery jackpot winners (winning more than £50,000) since the National Lottery was launched, in November 1994. And top of the list is the IG postcode, which is in Essex. The full top ten list is as follows: 1. Ilford (IG), 2. Romford (RM), 3. Medway (ME), 4. Dartford (DA), 5. Liverpool (L), 6. Watford (WD), 7. Swindon (SN), 8. Dumfries (DG), 9. East London (E), 10. Newcastle (NE). If you know your UK geography you’ll know that Ilford and Romford are in Essex, not far from Watford, and a quick trip round the M25 to Dartford, and maybe Medway, and then back in to East London, should you want to follow a winning route to buy your next lottery tickets.

Romford residents have won prizes totalling over £118million, with one resident in 7765 being so lucky. Ilford may have had more winners, with one per 7501 residents but their jackpot total is only just over £60million. Medway residents have a ratio of one in 7899, with over £86million won and then in tenth place, but first time in the top ten is Newcastle. In Newcastle, your chances of being a big winner are one in 8643, but a huge amount has been won, over £240million. But if you are thinking “When will it be my turn?” you’ll be pleased to know that one in 10,897 of the UK’s player population has been lucky enough to win at least a share of a lottery jackpot, so next time it could be you!

- 18/01/07