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£40,000 a year, for life

How would you fancy winning £40,000 each year for the rest of your life, starting from when you are a student? Lucky Roxanne Newton has done just that, and it’s all because she followed a dream.

Roxanne lives in Burnley and is studying to be a youth worker and a few weeks ago she dreamt she won the top prize with a ‘Rich for Life’ scratchcard. She told her friend and mum, and so when she found herself in the Spar, on Manchester Road and spotted a Rich for Life card, she knew she had to buy it. She scratched off the panels on the bus and realised that she had indeed won top prize, and all she had to worry about was how to keep the card safe in her pocket.

Even though the prize is subject to normal income tax, Roxanne knows she’s got enough to take her driving test and buy a VW Golf car, plus maybe go back to study art before she makes other plans for her windfall. Her ticket cost £5 and this prize is the biggest annual prize ever to be awarded by the National Lottery.

Meanwhile, school kitchen assistant and cleaner Joanna Chadwick from Leeds won £90,000 with a ‘Big Money’ scratchcard. She matched two identical symbols and the lucky symbol to win her big prize. She bought the ticket at Hawksworth Wood Co-op and scratched off the panels outside. She was so surprised she’d won that she and her sister-in-law rushed back in to check! Once the win was confirmed by the shop she called her partner Neil who is a taxi-driver, and now they plan a trip to Las Vegas for all the family. The rest of the money will be spent doing up their house and paying off the mortgage. The Big Money scratchcard costs £2 and has a Big Money £90,000 top prize plus there are seven other ways to win with the card.

- 26/2/07