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Monday Lottery

Monday was sold in January 2007 to NetplayTV and the new owners decided to close the game on 20th November 2007 and turn it into Challenge Jackpot. The information below should be read in the past tense and remains as an archive of how the game was played and what it represented...

Monday Lottery - the Charities Lottery gives players a 27 times better chance of winning the jackpot than the Camelot-run National Lottery in the UK. The draw is run by Chariot (UK) plc with the aim of raising around £150 million for its registered charity partners each year.

In addition to a better chance of winning the jackpot, there are a few other interesting quirks to this draw. Most importantly the player or players who MOST CLOSELY match the six winning numbers, gets the jackpot. This means you don't have to match the exact numbers drawn, only get closer than anyone else! Naturally, that means there are no rollovers in the Monday Lottery.

Also, there are two jackpot draws instead of one. If you don’t win in the first draw, of course, you've still got a chance in the second - al losing entries are automatically entered into the second draw. The chances of winning the jackpot are 501,000:1.

How to Play Monday

Tickets can be bought on the Playmonday website or via postal subscription. If you enter online, you'll receive an email telling you if you've won. That means an end to the fear of losing your winning ticket or forgetting to check the numbers and missing out on your rightful prize. Latest results were here.

The draws take place at 8pm each monday and are shown live on the website - it will not be televised. You can call 0870 77 44 213 to find out which numbers have been drawn.

When you buy a Monday Lottery ticket, you get to choose which charity (from five selected by Chariot on rotation) you would like to receive your donation. For EACH of these charities, there is a £100,000 draw. So there are five prizes of £100,000 to be won with the first set of six numbers drawn. If you have entered the draw for Charity A, you can not win the jackpot for Charities B, C, D and E. Likewise, if you have selected charity B, you can't win the jackpot for charities A, C, D or E. But, of course, you could buy a ticket for each charity, in which case you would stand to win up to 5 x £100,000.

The first Monday Lottery draw is for the £100,000 jackpot only. If you don't win the first draw, you are automatically entered into the second.

The second Monday Lottery draw works like the first - i.e. there are five 'separate' draws. This time the jackpot is £200,000. However, in the second draw ONLY you will also win a prize if you match 5, 4 or 3 numbers.

Limiting the top prize in such as way allows the organisers to give bigger cash prizes for matching 3, 4 and 5 numbers in a pari-mutuel system. It is expected that 3-match Monday Lottery ticket will win around £15, 4-match will win around £100 and 5-match will win around £2000 (unless, off course, the 5-match is closest to the jackpot).

Lastly, if you have played all five charities and haven't won anything, you will be entered into a free "losers draw" with the chance to win £500 every monday for an entire year, or £26,000.

Monday Lottery Charities

For each pound played, it will be split up as follows:

• 30p will go directly to your chosen charity
• 55p will go into the prize pool to fund weekly prizes
• 15p goes into the development of new products, additional prizes and operational costs.