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Lotto is the main lottery game in the United Kingdom and one of the most popular. Players select six numbers from a pool of 49, and must match all six winning balls that are drawn in order to win the jackpot.

Smaller prizes are also available, starting at £25 for matching just three numbers, with the overall odds of winning a Lotto prize are 1 in 54.

Players can either buy their tickets from an authorised national lottery retailer or online. Upon purchasing their lottery numbers, players will also receive an entry to the Lotto Raffle. You can find more details on How to Play Lotto here.

The Lotto game underwent changes in early October 2013, which included the addition of the Lotto Raffle. To find out more about these changes please see our Changes to Lotto page.

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Lotto Results

Lotto draws are held twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday evening. The Saturday Lotto draws are usually televised live from Lottery HQ on the BBC as part of a wider programme. The complete Lotto Results from both draws are published on the Lottery Results page minutes after the draw, with a complete prize breakdown available to view shortly afterwards.

On the Lottery Results page you will also find outcomes for the Lotto Raffle, Health Lottery, EuroMillions and Thunderball. There is also a dedicated Lotto Results page which features the winning numbers from the past five draws.

How to Play Lotto Online (in the UK)

Playing the Lotto online in the UK is very straightforward – all you have to do is visit our Buy Lotto Tickets page, or use the link above, and follow the simple instructions provided. When you buy UK Lotto tickets online, you won’t receive a physical ticket, instead you will be emailed with an official receipt (which you can print out if you wish). This means it is impossible for your ticket to be lost or stolen. Another advantage of playing online is that your numbers are checked automatically and you will be notified by email should you win a prize.

How to Play Lotto Online (Outside UK)

To play the UK Lottery online from outside the UK you will need to purchase your tickets from a lottery agent, who will buy them on your behalf. Click on our Buy Tickets page, or use the link above and select the Outside UK option to visit this vendor.

You will need to purchase your UK Lotto tickets using a credit card or Neteller account, and a scan of the Lotto ticket will be emailed to you.

If you win the equivalent of up to US$500, your prize will be credited back to you automatically using your chosen payment method, though if you need to claim a larger prize then you may be required to collect it in person.

Lotto News

If you like staying informed about the latest jackpot winners, lottery developments and new game launches, you’ll love our Lottery News section. Breaking lotto news stories are published regularly, and not only do we tell you who won and how much, we also go out of our way to flag up big opportunities that you should look out for in the future. For example, we might tell you that the UK Lotto has rolled over so that you can make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to win a particularly huge jackpot!

National Lotto Statistics

Lotto statistics are fascinating as well as highly useful for players, and by visiting our Stats page you can discover how many times each of the 49 numbers have been drawn since the Lotto was launched, and you could use this information to help you pick your lotto selections for future draws.

Players who select numbers that have been picked most often are said to play “hot numbers”, while those who choose numbers that have occurred the least often are said to play “cold numbers”. Playing hot or cold numbers won’t affect your chances of winning the jackpot (the odds of this are always 1 in 13,983,816), but it can make choosing them a more stimulating experience.

About National Lotto

The National Lottery was launched in the UK in November 1994 primarily to raise money for a wide range of “Good Causes”, but also to give players the chance of winning a life-changing amount of money for a small wager. Around 28% of money raised from Lotto ticket sales goes to good causes – already the lottery has generated over £30 billion for charity since its introduction. The game has also created over 3,300 millionaires and offered nearly £50 billion in lottery prize money.

The UK National Lottery has undergone several changes since it began, including the addition of a midweek draw in 1997 and the rebrand of the game to the UK Lotto in 2002. In October 2013, the UK Lotto underwent some of its biggest changes ever, which included altering prize tier values, introducing a new Lotto Raffle and removing the Lotto Plus 5 side-game. This was accompanied by the launch of a brand new television game named 49 to 1, which gives players the opportunity to win prizes worth up to £50,000. The October 2013 changes also included the first ticket price increase since the game commenced.