Friday 29th May 2015
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Lotto Raffle

Lotto Raffle

The Lotto Raffle was launched on Saturday 5th October 2013 as the newest addition to the UK Lottery portfolio. The Raffle is played alongside the main UK Lotto game and guarantees 50 winners of £20,000 in every draw. In order to win the prize, players must exactly match the raffle code printed on their ticket to one of the codes drawn on that date, just like when playing the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker.

Players do not choose their raffle number: instead a code is automatically generated for each line of UK Lotto numbers bought. All codes are then entered into the draw, where 50 are picked at random to win a £20,000 prize.

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The code is made up of a four-letter colour followed by eight digits, for example “AQUA 1234 5678”. Lotto Raffle can only be played alongside the UK Lotto, so in order to be in with a chance of winning the £20,000 prize you must have bought a lottery ticket – this effectively gives you two games for the price of one!

Share Your Thoughts on the New Raffle

What do you think of the new Lotto Raffle? Will the extra 50 chances of winning a prize make you play more? What about the prize itself are you happy to see 50 winners of 20,000 per draw or would you prefer one winner of 1 million? Tell us what you think by posting on our Facebook page and joining in the conversation!

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Lotto Raffle Results

Although there are usually 50 Lotto Raffle winners, there are also occasional special events with increased numbers of winners, such as the two draws held to celebrate the launch of the game which saw 1,000 winning Raffle codes, each winning £20,000.

The most recent results for the game can be found on the Lotto Raffle Results Page.

How to Play Lotto Raffle

Each Lotto Raffle entry comes included with every completed board on a UK Lotto ticket. Players do not need to opt in, tick a box or choose more numbers, as they will automatically receive one entry to the raffle for each line of UK Lotto numbers they play.

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