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Lotto Plus 5

The Lotto Plus 5 game ended on Tuesday 1st October 2013. The following page is for information purposes only and will not be updated.

Lotto Plus 5 is a UK National Lottery game which was introduced to players in February 2011. Rather than being completely separate to the main Lotto game, Lotto Plus 5 is a supplementary game, using the same selections that the player makes for the Lotto draw. The LottoPlus5 game has been designed to plug the ‘gaps’ between the Wednesday and Saturday Lotto games, so Lotto Plus 5 draws take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, but players will only need to pay one very modest fee to participate in a series of five Lotto Plus 5 draws.

Share Your Thoughts on the Closure of Lotto Plus 5

What do you think about the closure of the daily Lotto Plus 5 game? Did you play the game regularly and disappointed by the closure? Or did you never really understand the game in the first place? We want to hear your opinions and views on the decision to remove the game from the UK Lottery portfolio. To air your views simply head over to our Facebook page and join the conversation!

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How to Play Lotto Plus 5

In order to buy tickets for Lotto Plus 5 all you need to do is enter your numbers for the main Lotto game and pay an additional fee to have those same numbers entered into the next five Lotto Plus 5 draws. The actual draws that you will be entered for depends on whether you elect to participate in the Lotto Plus 5 game with a Wednesday Lotto entry or a Saturday Lotto entry. If you play the Wednesday Lotto and opt to play the Lotto Plus 5 then your numbers will be entered into the Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Lotto Plus 5 draws. If you play the Saturday Lotto game and pay for Lotto Plus 5 participation then your numbers will be entered into the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Lotto Plus 5 draws.

Each Lotto Plus 5 draw offers fixed prizes for matching 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers with the bonus ball coming into play for just those who have matched 5 main numbers, and the top prize for matching all six of your Lotto numbers will be £250,000. That might not sound quite as impressive as landing a Lotto jackpot, but when you consider that the modest additional fee required to participate in the Lotto Plus 5 games will enter you into five draws and not just one, we think a top prize of £250,000 is very reasonable.

Lotto Plus 5 Prizes

The prizes for the Lotto Plus 5 game are static each and every week although the operators do state for the Match 6 main numbers prize that "In exceptional circumstances and depending on the number of winners overall and per prize category, prizes may be less than stated."

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Lotto Plus 5 winners

It has been estimated by the operator of the Lotto Plus 5 game will create around 500,000 additional lottery winners each week (for all five draws combined) so Lotto players who find the days between draws less eventful than they would like will be able to add a lot more lottery excitement to their lives with ease.

The great thing about Lotto Plus 5 game is that is turns every day of the week into a lottery-winning opportunity. Lottery players who choose to participate in Lotto Plus 5 are able to wake up each and every morning knowing that – if Lady Luck smiles on them – they could go to bed a whole lot richer. That makes Lotto Plus 5 a great game in our opinion, and we expect that many lottery players will be quick to agree.