Wednesday 1st July 2015
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Lottery Winner

A lottery winner is, as the term suggests, someone who has won a prize when playing a lottery game. The prize in question can be large or small, but when most people talk about lottery winners they are usually talking about big prize winners, simply because those are the people that inspire the rest of us to dream big dreams.

Because lottery games appeal to such a wide audience, lottery winners come from an equally wide range of backgrounds. Lotteries are games of chance and literally anyone can win, so there have been jackpot-winning doctors, lawyers, housewives, teachers, mechanics, students and people in hundreds of other careers.

The same kind of variety can be seen in the way that people win the lottery. Some lottery winners have been playing once or twice a week for over a decade before they finally manage to match all of their numbers. Others have won a jackpot on their very first attempt! And, of course, there are plenty of lottery winners that come somewhere between these two extremes.

Although winners of extremely large jackpots often make headline news, if you want to read about people who win a wide range of lottery prizes you need to visit and bookmark our own Lottery News page. There you will find an ever-growing library of news stories about players who have won rollovers, scratch card jackpots, bonus ball prizes and even lottery games overseas.

Reading about lottery winners is not only interesting, it’s also very inspirational. We all hope to win the lottery, and reading about everyday people who have been there and done it reassures us that we really do have a chance of making our jackpot-winning dream come true.

No matter how much you imagine winning the lottery, when it eventually happens it will take you completely by surprise. Win the lottery and you could become a millionaire or even multi-millionaire overnight. This takes some getting used to, because having a great deal of money will give you more freedom than you have ever had before, so don’t expect to feel totally at ease with your wealth straight away. That said, having to get used to millionaire status is a problem well worth experiencing!