Thursday 2nd July 2015
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Thunderball Tickets

Thunderball tickets are available right here, so you can participate in one of the most popular lottery games around without leaving the comfort of your own home. You can of course buy your entries from authorised convenience stores and other licensed outlets, but nothing beats the convenience of signing onto the internet, entering your selections online and buying your Thunderball tickets at the click of a button.

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When you buy Thunderball tickets online you are not issued with any paper ticket, but with an electronic ticket instead, and this has a number of advantages. The first is that your electronic Thunderball tickets will be associated with you as an individual, so if any of your lottery tickets wins a prize the operator will know exactly who is entitled to the cash that has been won. Another advantage of online Thunderball tickets is that you can’t lose them down the back of the sofa!

Your online Thunderball tickets are just as likely to win a prize as lottery tickets that have been purchased offline because the odds are identical. Many people have won jackpots with lottery tickets purchased online, so you need never worry about results favouring players with paper tickets because that simply isn’t the case.

Although buying Thunderball tickets online makes it less important to check your own lottery results (because winners are notified of their success by email) we would still advise all players to keep an eye on the Thunderball results once a week or so, just in case you miss an email message telling you that you have won. And if you ever want to check your numbers against previous results you can use our free Thunderball Checker tool to get the job done with ease.

Whether you buy a single ticket for a single draw, multiple Thunderball tickets for multiple draws or something in-between, enjoy the games and good luck!