Saturday 28th February 2015
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National Lottery iPhone App

The National Lottery iPhone app is now available to download direct to your iPhone, direct to your iTouch or via plain old iTunes. Apple were rather premature in saying there's an app for everything, but now they are on safer ground. This handy and FREE application delivers the latest UK lotto results direct to your iPhone within minutes of the draw taking place. Funnily enough, they'll appear at the same time as the National Lottery results do on this site! So you can check and browse your results wherever you are.

If you want to get the national lottery app into your iTunes now or see more information in itunes please follow this iTunes Lottery App link now.

iPhone Application

The free National Lottery iPhone App will:

National Lottery Lotto AppSimply visit the iPhone app store with your device and search for "National Lottery- Lotto". You should then see The Lottery Company application with this logo. Just click on the "FREE" button and install. The installation onto your iOS device will take just minutes and then all of your results are available at the touch/tap of a screen.

Additional iPhone Lottery Apps

Every individual lottery player has a preference for the games they play and for this reason we have created several different iPhone apps for use on your handheld device. It would have been all top easy to cram all of these apps into one making the navigation cumbersome and time consuming. We chose to take the route which would suit our users best and have developed apps for several of the lottery games available. These include:


Euromillions App

If you click the logo on the left then you will be taken directly to the Euromillions app on iTunes. Alternatively search for "Euro-millions" and your device and you will see the Lottery Company app showing this logo. To install the application simply click the "Free" button and you will be able to check your numbers and all results within a couple of minutes.

Health Lottery

Health Lottery App

You can now get Health Lottery results on the move at your convenience by using our free Health Lottery Results app for iPhone. With all the great features of our other lottery applications, this app shows you the latest results within seconds of each draw taking place.

Irish Lottery

Irish Lottery App

If you're an Irish Lottery player, why not download our FREE Irish Lottery iPhone app, which features the latest Irish Lottery results, updated within moments of each draw. Additional features include a results checker and random number generator.


Thunderball App

A search for Thunderball on your iPad, iPhone, iPod or iTouch will show you the logo to the left and click "Free" to have all the up to date Thunderball results to hand, literally. Installation takes no time at all and results are updated within minutes of the draw having taken place.

Casino Games App

Casino App

If you like playing casino games then you'll love our free casino app for iPhone. You can now play casino games on the move wherever you are! Our iPhone casino app contains great casino games including Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and slots games.