Wednesday 1st July 2015
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Lottery Prizes

For every £1 spent on the UK National Lottery...

How the Lottery Prizes are Worked Out

The total prize pool for each draw is 45% of the total cost of the tickets sold for that draw. This 45% figure is rounded down to the nearest 10p before further calculations on it are performed. All Match 3 prizes are fixed at £25 each and are subtracted from the total prize pool. The approximate allocation of the remaining money (the "Pools Fund") is as follows:

Match 6 (Jackpot) Prize Pool

52% of the Pools Fund plus any rollover from the previous draws un-won jackpot prize pool. An occasional Superdraw, funded from 5% of the ticket sales of previous lottery draws, will either top-up by adding a fixed amount or guarantee a minimum jackpot prize pool. If there is no jackpot winner, then the entire jackpot prize pool is "rolled over" to the next draw. This can happen a maximum of three times - if there is a fourth consecutive draw with no Match 6 winners, the jackpot prize pool is shared amongst the Match 5 plus Bonus Ball winners of the fourth draw or, if no winners in that prize tier, amongst the Match 5 winners of the fourth draw.

Match 5 + Bonus Ball Prize Pool

16% of the Pools Fund plus the fourth consecutive un-won jackpot prize pool as detailed above. If there are no Match 5 plus Bonus Ball winners and it's not the fourth consecutive un-won jackpot, the Match 5 plus Bonus Ball prize pool is added to the jackpot prize pool for the same draw.

Match 4 Prize Pool

22% of the Pools Fund plus the Match 5 Prize Pool if there are no Match 5 winners. If there are no Match 4 winners, the Match 4 Prize Pool is shared equally amongst the Match 3 winners in addition to their set £25 prize.