Friday 27th March 2015
EuroMillions Mega Friday - 27th March
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Playing the National Lottery from Outside the UK

Information for international lottery players wishing to play the UK National Lottery from outside the UK.

Must I be a UK resident/citizen to play?

Yes and No! The rules state that you should be in a country where it is legal to play lottery games online and that a resident of the UK or Isle of Man to play UK National Lottery games*.

However, it is possible to use a concierge service from anywhere in the world and to buy lottery tickets via this link or the button below.

Outside the UK you will be buying your tickets via an agent and your tickets will cost you slightly more than a regular ticket to cover the suppliers costs - the supplier has to pay somebody to buy an official ticket for you. The one listed here is a reputable supplier and provides a scan of the ticket bought with your numbers on it for peace of mind.

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Can I have a subscription arranged from another country?

Subscription requests can only be accepted from players with a UK address and a UK sterling bank account.

*An extract from the official rules ""Can I play while overseas? To play UK National Lottery games online, you must be a resident of the UK or Isle of Man at all times. You must also only play in a country where it is lawful to do so, as local laws abroad often prevent the sale or purchase of tickets for any overseas lottery, including the UK National Lottery. This also applies when playing by text. If you do not meet these requirements, any ticket purchases you make may be declared invalid and no prizes paid, and we will have the right to reclaim any prizes already paid under these circumstances."