Sunday 5th July 2015
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National Lottery Scratchcards

You pay £1 (or more for certain games with higher jackpots) to any National Lottery Scratchcard "Instants" retailer and they give you a scratchcard which has a covered area, plus security verification codes to avoid forgery. You scratch off the covered area to find out if you have won. Games vary on how the prize is won - you need to read the back of the card to find out how to play.

Winning in an Instant

Because you will instantly know if you have a winning National Lottery Scratchcard ticket you need to know how to claim your prize.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you should do the following depending on the amount you have won:

Up to £75: Any UK National Lottery Scratchcard "Instants" retailer.
Up to £200: Certain Lottery Scratchcard "Instants" retailers (at their discretion).
Up to £10,000: UK National Lottery Post Offices or Regional Centres.
Over £10,000: UK National Lottery Regional Centres.

Odds of winning on a National Lottery Scratchcard

Because the scratchcards play for different prizes and under diffferent rules, there is no completely accurate way to predict your chances of winning. Odds are given on the reverse of the scratchcards, but these are only really valid at the start of the game. By the time you buy your card, some prizes are bound to have been claimed and therefore your chances of winning will have altered.