Tuesday 23rd December 2014
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Lucky Dip

A Lucky Dip – also known as a “Quick Pick” in some lotteries – is a random selection of numbers that is assigned to a lottery player when they do not want to make their own selections. The random numbers are generated by specially designed software that runs on the lottery terminals that are used to issue tickets. This software is always written with specific lottery games in mind, so no matter how many numbers a player is required to select, the lucky dip feature will always produce the appropriate quantity of selections.

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The introduction of Lucky Dip or Quick pick into a lottery usually has the effect of reducing the number of lottery rollovers. This is because the selections really are random, whereas a human, even if trying to do so, is incapable of making truely random choices (becasue they have a preconceived idea of randomness - an even scattering of numbers, for example, is not random).

Quick Pick

Lucky Dips are, however, a good way of selecting numbers when you are in a particular rush to buy a ticket and you don’t have the time to select them yourselves. Another good thing about Lucky Dip entries is that you don’t necessarily have to queue up to obtain and mark a play slip – you can often go directly to the lottery terminal and ask the retailer to generate as many Lucky Dip lines as you want.

Because winning lottery numbers are themselves drawn at random, a Lucky Dip entry has exactly the same chance of winning as a line of numbers that have been selected by the player. And it could be argued that, because most players use dates as the source of their self-selected numbers, Lucky Dip entries (which are just as likely to include numbers at the higher end of the scale) could reduce the chances of a jackpot-winning player having to share their win with other winners.