Sunday 5th July 2015
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Irish Lottery International Scam

Irish Lottery International is a non-existent organisation that is named in lottery scam emails which are sent out in bulk to randomly selected recipients. The Irish Lottery International email informs the recipient that they have won a lottery prize in a monthly draw, and specifies the sum that has supposedly been won. Essentially a phishing scam, the Irish Lottery International email then asks the recipient to respond with their name, address, email and proof of identity – all of which would put the victim of the scam at risk of identify theft.

Lottery scams are not new, and seasoned players know that the only way to win a lottery is by purchasing a ticket, so they manage to avoid most of the scam emails which appear out of the blue. The Irish Lottery International scam originators seems to be aware of this, because they often make a point of saying ‘TICKETS WERE NOT SOLD’. This is no doubt done to give the Irish Lottery International scam a little more credibility than it would have otherwise.

The Irish Lottery International email is, like most lottery scam emails, very poorly written with plenty of spelling errors and some glaringly obvious factual errors. For example, in one Irish Lottery International email the address of the head office is written as Stamford, Lincs, London, which to anyone familiar with UK geography is ludicrous. Unfortunately, many recipients of the Irish Lottery International email won’t read it that closely, and will be so excited by the false prospect of having won a fortune that they will respond without thinking.

Regardless of what the scam email says, there is no Irish Lottery International organisation, there is no monthly draw and you haven’t won a prize. What you have received is an invitation to give your personal information to a group of criminals who would like you make you one of its next victims. Your email address was selected at random, so there is nothing to fear, but responding to the Irish Lottery International email would be far from sensible.

The Irish Lottery (as opposed to Irish Lottery International) does of course exist, but like all other official lottery games you would need to buy Irish Lottery tickets to participate. Your numbers would then need to match those published as the official Irish Lottery results in order to win a prize. If you don’t buy a ticket and/or you don’t match the numbers that are drawn and published, you can’t win, no matter what an Irish Lottery International email might tell you.