Friday 3rd July 2015
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Damaged Lottery Tickets


"I've bought a lottery ticket and it has won a small prize. However, the ticket has been damaged from being in my pocket. Although you an easily read the damaged lottery ticket (that's how I know I've won!), the barcode can not be scanned at my lottery outlet and they will not pay out the prize. What can I do?"


A damaged lottery ticket falls into the 'destroyed' category of lottery tickets. When a ticket is completely destroyed the operators ask for details of where the ticket was purchased, the exact date of purchase, how many lines you played and the numbers chosen (if you know them), and the draw date(s) of the ticket in the similar manner to a lost lottery ticket. However, most of that is irrelevent if the ticket can still be read by a human.

In which case you should send the damaged lottery ticket to:

Prize Claims Department
The National Lottery
P O Box 287
Tolpits Lane
WD18 9TT

If it is a reasonably large prize, you should consider using registered post. This written notice should be provided within 30 days of the relevant draw and the operators reserve the right to pay out at their discretion.

Consider buying your lottery tickets online to avoid damaging them.