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Camelot Lottery

Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd are the current national lottery operators and are responsible for the running of the Camelot lottery. They have nothing to do with the awarding of lottery grants and are not connected with The Lottery Company or in any way, shape or form!

Official Camelot Lottery

First Camelot Lottery Licence Period: 1994 - 2002

When Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd was awarded the first lottery licence (which lasted seven years) it was owned by a consortium of companies, with some of the key partners being Cadbury-Schweppes, De La Rue, GTECH Corporation and ICL. The first games to be introduced to the British public by Camelot were lottery scratchcards (also known as Instants or Instant Win games) and the 6 from 49 draw-based game that was originally referred to as the National Lottery but has since rebranded as Lotto. Other games were introduced as the years went by and, whilst a few of those have since fallen by the wayside, many are just as popular today as they were in the beginning.

As the end of the first licence period approached, GTECH was bought out by other Camelot shareholders, leaving ICL with a stake of 20% and the other shareholders with 26.7%. ICL was then taken over by Fujitsu and Camelot secured a second seven-year licence to continue operating the National Lottery until 2009.

Second Camelot Lottery Licence Period: 2002 - 2009

It was during this second licence period, in February 2004 to be precise, that the multi-national EuroMillions game was introduced to the lottery-playing public. EuroMillions was jointly launched by Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd in the UK, the Loterias y Apuestas des Estad in Spain and the Francaise des Jeux in France. Other countries were keen to join the EuroMillions family and the game is currently played in a total of nine countries, making it one of the biggest lottery games in the world – an achievement that Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd is unabashedly proud of.

As the end of the second Camelot lottery licence period approached the operator revealed that it was planning the creation of a World Lottery Draw which 48 countries had already expressed an interest in as possible participants. The aim of the World Lottery would be to create up to one hundred new millionaires with every draw.

Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd applied for a third licence to operate the UK National Lottery and a decade-long licence was granted, along with an option to extend the licence by an additional five years. This means that Camelot will remain at the helm of the National Lottery in he UK until at least 2019 and possibly until 2024.

Third Camelot Lottery Licence Period: 2009 - 2019

We are still in the relatively early stages of the third Camelot lottery licence period, but there have already been some newsworthy developments. The biggest for lottery players themselves was the overhaul of the popular Thunderball game, which saw the jackpot doubled in size and the addition of a new third weekly draw every Friday. Perhaps the most notable event so far has been the announcement (in March 2010) that the existing Camelot shareholders had agreed to sell their shares to Ontario Teachers Pension Plan for around £389 million.

The agreed sale of shares in Camelot to Ontario Teachers Pension Plan meant the end of a long association with the UK National Lottery for original key partners such as De La Rue and Royal Mail.

Good Causes

The National Lottery was created with the specific intention of raising money for good causes and Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd has certainly delivered with 28p in every £1 raised by the lottery going to Good Causes. Since the first lottery game was launched in 1994 over £24 billion has been used to support a wide range of worthwhile projects in every part of the UK. As far as lottery players themselves are concerned, the Camelot games have also created more than 2,400 millionaires and, thanks to the Millionaire Maker game, that number increases by at least one every week.

National Lottery Line : 0845 910 0000

Subscriptions Line : 0845 912 5000

Head Office:
Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd
Tolpits Lane
WD18 9RN
Phone: 01923 425000

Liverpool Prize Office:
Unit 5
Tiger Court
Kings Business Park
L34 1BH

Phone : 0151 236 1796