Friday 3rd July 2015
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Biggest Lottery Losers

The media is full of stories about the biggest lottery winners, but not quite so much attention is paid to the biggest lottery losers, and in many respects this is a shame. Whilst nobody likes to dwell on bad news, highlighting the plight of the biggest lottery losers would serve as a valuable warning to lottery players everywhere. After all, if a player is aware of mistakes that have been made by the biggest lottery losers, they will be less likely to make those same mistakes themselves.

Because it wouldn’t be kind to identify individuals in an article on the biggest lottery losers, we will instead focus on the types of mistakes tose losers have made. Although there are many individual lottery losers with their own stories to tell, almost all of their mistakes belong to one of the categories below:

Spending Too Much

The most common reason for a lottery winner becoming one of the biggest lottery losers is simply because they spent too much too fast. The exact same formula applies to lottery jackpot winners as to anyone else – if you routinely spend more money than you have in your possession, you will eventually run into trouble. Whilst it might take more effort to blow £5 million than it does to blow £5,000, plenty of the biggest lottery losers have proven that it can be done in a surprisingly short time.

Making Poor Investments

Winning a lottery jackpot doesn’t make anyone more intelligent or business-minded as they were before the win. Unfortunately, plenty of the biggest lottery losers have neglected to realise this, and have ploughed their fortunes into businesses which they knew far too little about. The end result for many has been a complete loss of the investments made, and automatic entry into the biggest lottery losers club.

Ignoring the Law

If winning a jackpot doesn’t make a person more capable in matters of business then it certainly doesn’t put them above the laws of the land, but quite a few of the biggest lottery losers have assumed otherwise. Thinking that their millions would somehow protect them from prosecution, some of the biggest lottery losers have committed crimes ranging from petty theft and fraud to assault and murder. Whilst these individuals might not have lost their fortunes as result, many have ended up behind bars and unable to enjoy their wealth, so they still earn the right to be called some of the biggest lottery losers around.

Failing to Claim

All of the mistakes described previously were made after the biggest lottery losers involved had got their hands on their lottery winnings, but some of the biggest lottery losers in the world never even got that far. Yes, you guessed it, these are the ones who failed to claim their lottery jackpots in the first place. Maybe they didn’t check their tickets, or maybe they lost their tickets before they had the chance to check them – either way their negligence made them the biggest lottery losers of all!

The mistakes made by the biggest lottery losers can all be avoided, so learn from them and resolve not to make them yourself should you win your own lottery jackpot!