Tuesday 30th June 2015
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BBC Lottery Scam

It should go without saying that the BBC lottery scam does not originate from the BBC, but simply uses the term BBC Lottery to try and give itself a false air of respectability. The BBC lottery scam is propagated by an email message which tells the recipient that their email address has won a certain sum of money from the ‘BBC Lottery’. The BBC lottery scam email then requests that the recipient claim their prize by submitting several items of information. These include the full name of the recipient, mobile number, occupation, age and regular mailing address.

The BBC has broadcast National Lottery draws ever since the first draw-based game was launched in November 1994, and so many people would associate the BBC with National Lottery games. This BBC lottery scam seeks to exploit that close association in the public consciousness by suggesting that the BBC runs its own lottery game (the BBC Lottery) which purportedly uses email addresses instead of lottery tickets.

All of this is nonsense, of course. The BBC is a broadcasting corporation, not a lottery company, but the association between the BBC and the National Lottery in the UK is a strong one, and that means unwary individuals may well fall for the BBC lottery scam unless they look into it or have previously been forewarned about the scam, as we are doing here.

If an individual responds to the BBC lottery scam email and provides the information requested, the originators of the BBC lottery scam could then use that information for any number of criminal purposes, including identity theft. Should you ever receive a BBC lottery scam email, don’t be tempted to respond in any way, even if you only intend to give the sender a piece of your mind, because all that will do is confirm that your email address is live and active. Instead, the best thing to do is simply delete the BBC lottery scam email. Remember, you can only win a lottery game if it actually exists and if you actually bought yourself a ticket!