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Lottery Information

Finding the relevant lottery information you are looking for can be challenge sometimes, therefore this page is designed to help you find the answers to your lottery questions quickly and effortlessly.

Lottery information can come in all different forms, so if you want to know certain rules about one of the UK Lotteries or are after helpful tips and guidance on how to play then you have come to the right place.

Below is a list of a wide variety of useful lottery information pages, therefore if you want to gain information on how to play the different national lottery games and their variations, answers to frequently asked questions plus lots of useful articles for players of any lottery games just follow one of the links below.

Whatever the lottery knowledge you are after, simply follow one of the links underneath and you will be able to access a wealth of lottery information all from your fingertips.

UK Lotteries

The main lotteries available to UK Lottery Players. Lottery players have a quite a few games that they can choose to take part in, but unless you have already played all of the games that are available you may find yourself wondering which one would suit you best.

Other Lottery Games

Some smaller games and some huge overseas lotteries. There are more lottery games available to play online than you may first have thought! You can also find details of retired UK lottery games such as Lotto Plus 5 and Daily Play.


Help and guidance with the games, how to avoid scams and lost tickets advice.


Hints, tips and playing strategies to help you get the most out of playing lotteries.


Facts and definitions to do with the national lottery.


Our lottery articles cover many different aspects of playing the game both online and offline. Interesting facts, figures and statistics will be found in the following pages alongside information about creating your own syndicate or even playing a “lottery wheel”.


Frequently Asked Questions about the lottery.

  • When did the lottery start?
  • What age do you need to be to play the lottery?
  • What time is the lottery draw?

and answers for other frequently asked questions...


The news, views, information and those all-important results from Lottery.co.uk are available through numerous social media channels.


If you have any questions you can't find answers for, click here for our contact page.