Thursday 28th May 2015
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Lotto HotPicks

Hot Picks

Lotto HotPicks may be described either as an add-on game or, indeed, as five different lotto games. It is an add-on game by the fact that a separate draw is not made. Instead, HotPicks results are determined by the main Lotto results from the regular draws made on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You do not have to enter the Lotto draw in order to play HotPicks. To check the latest HotPicks results including the prize breakdown, visit the Lotto HotPicks results page.

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Lotto HotPicks is actually five different games on the basis that you choose which game you want to play; 'Pick 1', 'Pick 2', 'Pick 3', 'Pick 4' or 'Pick 5'.

If you play 'Pick 2', you would then choose two numbers from 1 to 49. If you then match any two numbers from the six main numbers drawn in the main Lotto draw, you win (note the bonus ball is not relevant). Similarly, if you go for 'Pick 3', you choose three numbers from 1 to 49, and if you match any three numbers from the six main numbers drawn in the Lotto draw, you win. If you match two numbers whilst playing Pick 3, you win nothing! Likewise with the other tiers.

Choosing your HotPicks numbers

The Lotto HotPicks play slip allows for up to three entries for your selected draw at £1 per play. With the same slip, you may enter just the Wednesday draw, just the Saturday draw or both.

Decide which game you want to play and put a line through the box indicating HotPick 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Then, starting on board A, pick your corresponding 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers. You must only select the quantity of numbers for the game you have selected. Thus you must only select three numbers for Pick 3. if you select four numbers your play slip will be invalid. Only use a pencil or a blue or black pen. Put a clear, bold, vertical line through each number you have chosen. If you make a mistake, mark the "void" box and use another board. If you wish to make another selection, use another board. Each board will cost you £1.

On every Play Slip, you'll see a section called 'No. of WEEKS' which lets you use the same set of numbers for up to eight weeks, starting with the next available draw. You must pay for your required number of weeks in advance.

Check your HotPicks ticket

When you've paid, the retailer will enter your selections into the terminal and give you a HotPicks ticket. You must check that the numbers you have selected, the number of weeks and the draw date(s) are correct, that the barcoded serial number is clearly readable and that the "void" box on your ticket has not been marked. Then write your name and address on the back. Keep your ticket safe, you'll need it to check off your numbers in the draw. Don't lose it ! You'll need it to claim your prize, as it is the only proof that you are a winner.

How to win on HotPicks

Game You Match You win odds
HotPick 1 1 number £5 9:1
HotPick 2 2 numbers £40 79:1
HotPick 3 3 numbers £450 922:1
HotPick 4 4 numbers £7,000 14,126:1
HotPick 5 5 numbers £130,000 317,814:1

The operators reserve the right "in exceptional circumstances", to lower the value of the prizes. In the event of a cap being put on the prize value lower than those shown in the table, the value will be determined by not less than 100% of the sales for that game.