Wednesday 1st July 2015
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Health Lottery Quick Pick

The Health Lottery Quick Pick draw began on Friday 23rd January 2015 and is played on Tuesdays and Fridays every week, offering a top prize of £25,000 for each player that matches all five numbers. The draws are broadcast on Channel 5. For information on the main Health Lottery game, visit the dedicated page.

Health Lottery Quick Pick Results

Tuesday 30th June 2015


To view past results visit the Health Lottery Quick Pick results page.

How to Play Health Lottery Quick Pick

Tickets cost 50p and can be bought now through the Lottery Tickets page or from authorised Health Lottery retailers throughout the UK. Every 50p Quick Pick player is issued with an automatically generated selection of five numbers between 1 and 50 for each entry. They cannot choose their own numbers as is possible when taking part in the main Health Lottery game.

How to Win Health Lottery Quick Pick

Prizes are won on 50p Quick Pick for matching anything from two numbers upwards and players have a 1 in 14 chance of claiming a prize with each ticket. The jackpot of £25,000 is won by matching all five numbers, and everyone who achieves this feat will receive the advertised amount as long as all of the cash awards do not total more than £1 million.

Here are the prize tiers along with the fixed amounts awarded for matching the specified number of balls:

Prize Tier Prize Amount Odds of Winning
Match 5 £25,000 1 in 2,118,760
Match 4 £100 1 in 9,417
Match 3 £10 1 in 214
Match 2 £1 1 in 15

How to Claim a Health Lottery Quick Pick Prize

Methods of claiming a 50p Quick Pick prize differ depending on where the ticket was bought.

For online tickets:

For physical tickets:

Health Lottery Good Causes

The Health Lottery isnít a national lottery, but rather a collection of 51 society lotteries from across the UK who take it in turns to participate in each draw and distribute the funds to their local area. At least 20% of the price of each Health Lottery ticket purchased either for the main game or 50p Quick Pick is donated to these good causes.

A total of more than £60 million has been raised for health related causes within Britain thanks to the Health Lottery and 1,500 community initiatives across the country have supported 265,000 people as a result of money raised through the games.