Monday 25th May 2015
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Hot Ticket

Hot Ticket was a promotion that has previously been offered by the Health Lottery. This promotion has now ended, but may come into play again at some point in the future. The details displayed below are for information purposes only. The last Health Lottery Hot Ticket draw took place on the 13th October 2012.

The Health Lottery is a relatively new lottery, with its first draw on Saturday 8th October 2011. 20% of the ticket proceeds go to “health-related good causes”, and the top prize is £100,000, gained by matching all five numbers picked form the 5/50 matrix to the five numbers drawn. As of 21st July 2012, players will be automatically entered into the Hot Ticket draw when they buy a Health Lottery ticket, for no extra charge and the chance to win extra prizes such as cars as well as shopping and holiday vouchers.

What is a Hot Ticket?

The Hot Ticket is a code, similar to the Millionaire Maker code of the Euromillions and it is a randomly generated number which you donít select yourself that appears on the bottom of your Health Lottery ticket. The code will be located underneath your lottery numbers and will be in this format:

P H L C A P 1 2 3 4 5 6

The winning codes are released at the same time as the Health Lottery results (which are televised on Saturday night, 9.55pm on Channel 5), so after checking your numbers make sure you also check your code. There is a total of five winning codes announced each week; one will win £100,000 and the other four a variety of prizes such as cars or holiday vouchers, for assorted amounts. The Hot Ticket prizes are only available to win in a Saturday night Health Lottery draw and not a Wednesday night draw.

What can a Hot Ticket win?

If you match the Hot Ticket raffle code you have a second chance of winning £100,000, so by buying a Health Lottery ticket you have two opportunities to win £100,000 Ė by matching all five numbers or by matching the Hot Ticket Raffle. Bear in mind however, that you cannot win both the £100,000 Health Lottery top prize and the £100,000 Hot Ticket Raffle, but you can mix and match any other prize tier (e.g. match three numbers on the lottery and a Hot Ticket code for a car).

You also could win the £100,000 lottery jackpot as well as the car or shopping voucher, or the £100,000 Hot Ticket plus a lottery win of matching three or four numbers.

Is a Hot Ticket drawn every week?

Yes, from 21st July 2012, there will be five Hot Tickets drawn alongside the Health Lottery every Saturday, with the first Hot Ticket being a second chance to win a £100,000. However, remember that the Hot Ticket prizes are only available to win in a Saturday night draw and not a Wednesday night draw.