Saturday 28th March 2015
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GeoLotto is different from other lottery games in that players choose one or more geographical areas (referred to as Lucky Places), rather than a set of numbers, in order to win cash prizes. The game uses squares marked on a map of Great Britain so, in effect, your house, your workplace or even the centre circle of your favourite football teamís stadium could win you the jackpot! For many of us, thatís the least that our football team could do for us...

Each square costs £1 per draw and can only be played by one participant at a time. The prizes drop at random onto the grid every Saturday giving players a chance to win their share of an almost £17 million prize pot each week with individual awards ranging from £5 up to the jackpot of £1 million.

GeoLotto results are announced here every Saturday at 11pm, players whose squares receive a cash amount are notified by email. Prizes of up to £5,000 are placed directly into the playerís account with larger amounts paid via bank transfer once officials have arranged details with the successful entrant.

The website also offers further chances to play with a selection of Instant Win games which have prizes of up to £500 at stake.


GeoLotto has a total of six prize tiers ranging from £5 up to the jackpot of £1,000,000.

Prize Tier Prize Amount Number of Prizes Drawn per week
Jackpot (Tier 1) £1,000,000 1
Tier 2 £100,000 15
Tier 3 £10,000 100
Tier 4 £1,000 2,000
Tier 5 £25 75,000
Tier 6 £5 2,020,199
Total £16,475,995 2,097,315

There are 40,404,000 Squares on the map, which means that there is roughly a 1 in 20 chance of any given Square winning a minimum of a £5 cash prize.