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Euromillions Prizes

If you win the EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot your Euromillions prize is paid out in the currency of the country in which you bought your ticket, so that means Euros in most countries, Sterling in the UK and Swiss Francs in Switzerland. It's the same if you win a lower tier Euromillions Prize and the value is based on the percentages shown in the table below.

Each of the nine countries that participate in the EuroMillions lottery sell their own tickets. From the face value of the ticket, 50% goes to lottery operator and 50% is paid to a prize fund. In the UK, Camelot operates the lottery and out of its 50% they give 12% to the government, 28% to UK Good Causes; 5% to retailers and keep 5% for running the lottery, which is the same split as when you buy a National Lottery ticket*.

Every Tuesday and Friday each country's euro millions prize fund is added together to give a grand total prize fund that is used to pay out all the prizes based on the percentage split shown in the table. So 32% of the prize fund is paid into the Jackpot fund, 8.6% goes to a EuroMillions Reserve Fund, leaving 59.4% of the prize fund to be allocated across all the other prize levels. So a Tier 2 winner in any country wins the same amount of money (payable in their local currency).

If a Jackpot is not won, the value in the Jackpot 'pot', into which every country has paid 32% of their prize fund, remains in that pot and is added to the following week (called a Rollover), and so on until it is won or the jackpot cap is reached. But the lower Tier prizes are allocated each week, and the value of the fund starts at zero for the following week. More tickets are sold when there is a rollover Jackpot so the overall value of the prize fund will be greater and so Tier value prizes will be higher as well.

The EuroMillions Reserve Fund is available to boost the Jackpot if needed, say at the start of a new draw period. The amount moved from this fund to the Jackpot is agreed in advance by the participating lottery operators.

Euro Millions Prize fund allocation

Prize Level Matches % Prize Fund
Jackpot Match 5 + 2 32
Tier 2 Match 5 + 1 4.8
Tier 3 Match 5 1.6
Tier 4 Match 4 + 2 0.8
Tier 5 Match 4 + 1 0.7
Tier 6 Match 4 0.7
Tier 7 Match 3 + 2 0.5
Tier 8 Match 3 + 1 2.2
Tier 9 Match 2 + 2 2.3
Tier 10 Match 3 3.7
Tier 11 Match 1 + 2 6.5
Tier 12 Match 2 + 1 17.6
Tier 13 Match 2 18

Claiming Your Winnings

Be warned, different lottery operators have different rules. For instance, in France prizes must be claimed in 60 days. In the UK it is 180 days.

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* Since the UK uses Sterling things are slightly different. Of the £2.00 ticket face value, £1.50 is viewed as being for the EuroMillions game and the other 50p goes to the Millionaire Maker game. Of the £1.50, €1 goes to the prize fund as in other countries and 75p (theoretical 50%) goes to the operator. If there is a balance because of the variation of Sterling against the Euro, that is also paid out to UK winners (this is because you will have paid more for your ticket in the first place).