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EuroMillions Lottery


EuroMillions lottery is an easy lotto game to play. Each play slip has several sections, each of which features two numbers boards. The main board shows the numbers 1 to 50 and the second “Lucky Stars” board shows the numbers 1 to 11. You need to select 5 numbers on the main EuroMillions Lottery board and 2 numbers on the Lucky Stars board by marking your choices with a pen. If you would prefer your numbers to be selected at random you can do this by marking the Lucky Dip option. Click this link for more details on How to play Euro lotto

EuroMillions Lottery Results

EuroMillions Lottery draws take place every Tuesday and Friday night, and you'll find full results on this site within a few minutes of the balls dropping out of the machine. Click this link for the latest EuroMillions results. You will also find Past EuroMillions Results and a lottery numbers checker service.

If you like to look for trends, you will find a full list of Euromillions statistics here, which include the most and least often picked numbers, a number frequency table and those which are most 'overdue'.

How to Play Euromillions Online (in the UK)

If you live in the United Kingdom and you want to buy EuroMillions Lottery tickets online, you can do so by clicking the "Uk residents" play button above. You will be required to open an account and transfer at least £5 into this to begin with, using a debit card. The site allows you to enter up to four lines of numbers on one play slip or up to twenty lines on separate play slips. EuroMillions Lottery wins of up to £500 will be paid directly into your account. Wins from £501 to £5,000 will be paid back to your debit card. Wins of more than £5,000 will need to be claimed by calling the Customer Care Team, and in this case payment will be made by cheque.

How to Play Euromillions Online (Outside UK)

If you live outside the United Kingdom and you would like to play the EuroMillions lottery online, you can do this by clicking the "outside UK" play button above. This is a reputable online retailer of EuroMillions Lottery tickets and if you win with a ticket bought here you can be confident that you will receive your winnings promptly and securely. Tickets are purchased using your credit card and, because you are buying online, you won’t have worry about losing them. Instead, the concierge service will check your numbers on your behalf and automatically credit any winnings up to US$500 straight back to you. Winnings valued at more than US$500 will be transferred to you by Bank Draft.

EuroMillions News

There is a lot more to EuroMillions News than the latest draw results. Our comprehensive news section keeps you informed of all breaking developments in the world of the EuroMillions Lottery and also presents inspirational stories about the latest winners. Keep abreast of the news and you’ll never again miss another giant rollover. You’ll also be among the first to know about the next guaranteed jackpot payout.

A 30 Second History of EuroMillions

The idea for EuroMillions Lottery was conceived approximately ten years before the game was eventually launched on Friday 13 February 2004. Originally the only countries that participated in the lottery were the three that created it. These were France, Spain and the United Kingdom, but the instant popularity of EuroMillions meant that additional European countries soon hopped on board. Today a total of nine European countries participate, and there is every possibility that this number may increase in the future.

When Euromillions first launched the matrix was 5/50 with 2/9 for the Lucky Stars however on 10th May 2011 this changed with the inclusion of a new Tuesday draw and the addition of 2 more Lucky Stars making the matrix 5/50 and 2/11.

The biggest win in the EuroMillions happened in August 2012 when a ticket purchased in the UK by Adrian and Gillian Bayford matched the numbers drawn to scoop the impressive €190 million (£148 million) jackpot. However, this wasn't the biggest Sterling jackpot win because due to differences in the exchange rate the largest EuroMillions Sterling jackpot won was an impressive £161 million (€185 million) which was won in July 2011 by Colin and Chris Weir.

The EuroMillions has a jackpot cap in place which means that the top prize in this lottery cannot go above €190 million. The rules state that it can stay at this amount for two consecutive draws and if by the end of the second draw there is still no match five plus two winner the top prize will roll down and be shared amongst players in the next winning prize tier.

Euromillions Raffle

On Friday 13th November a Millionaire Maker game started for UK players. Taking place a few minutes before the main Euromillions draw, the raffle is designed to create a new millionaire in the UK with each Euromillions draw irrespective of which main numbers are drawn.

EuroMillions Plus

In a similar fashion to the UK's Millionaire Maker, Irish players of the EuroMillions lottery have the option to also play the EuroMillions Plus game where they could win up to €500,000

EuroMillions Superdraws

EuroMillions Superdraws are special draws that take place periodically which increase the EuroMillions jackpot to a guaranteed minimum of 100 million / 80 million. To find out more information on these special draws, visit the EuroMillions Superdraw page.

EuroMillions Jackpot Cap

EuroMillions has a jackpot cap of 190 million; any prize money from ticket sales that would boost it beyond this amount is transferred into the next winning prize tier. If there is no jackpot winner, the top prize will stay at 190 million for the next draw.

On the second draw, additional funds that would have been added to the top prize are again transferred into the next winning prize tier. If no one matches five main numbers and two Lucky Stars in this draw, the jackpot will roll down into the next winning prize tier to be shared amongst all matching tickets.

This means that your odds of becoming a euro-millionaire substantially increase if the jackpot cap rolls down.