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Euromillions Millionaires Month

Millionaires Month took place in November/December 2011. This page is for informational purposes only.

EuroMillions Millionaires Month is a special month-long event which is guaranteed to give millionaire status to no less than 50 lottery players in the UK. The event focuses on the Millionaire Raffle game which is exclusive to those who play the EuroMillions lottery in the UK, and the action starts with the draw that takes place on Friday 25 November, 2011. Normally there is only one Millionaire Raffle winner per draw, but in the first draw of EuroMillions Millionaires Month there will be 18 winners, and each one will land the standard top prize of a cool £1,000,000!

Euromillions Millionaire Raffle - Draws

After that big launch, all Millionaire Raffle draws every Tuesday and Friday will create the usual £1 million prize winners. This will continue until the final Euromillions Millionaires Month draw on Friday 23 December, when the Millionaire Raffle game will create 25 winners. Again, each one will take home £1 million. The complete schedule for this month of big-money excitement looks something like this:

Millionaire Raffle Draw Date Guaranteed Winners
Friday 25 November 18 x 1 million
Tuesday 29 November 1 x 1 million
Friday 02 December 1 x 1 million
Tuesday 06 December 1 x 1 million
Friday 09 December 1 x 1 million
Tuesday 13 December 1 x 1 million
Friday 16 December 1 x 1 million
Tuesday 20 December 1 x 1 million
Friday 23 December 25 x 1 million

Although the use of chocolate advent calendars is very popular among those who like to count down the days to Christmas, lottery players are highly likely to view the EuroMillions Millionaires Month as a much more exciting alternative, and that view is perfectly understandable. Giving yourself 50 chances to win 1 million in time for Christmas is definitely more exciting than opening advent calendar windows, no matter how good the chocolate tastes!

How to Play In Euromillions Millionaires Month

Because one Millionaire Maker game entry is included with every line of EuroMillions numbers purchased in the UK, everyone who participates in the EuroMillions Millionaires Month with their eyes on the Millionaire Raffle will also have a shot at winning an even bigger EuroMillions jackpot. The event covers nine draws in total, so anyone who buys just one EuroMillions ticket for each draw will have nine chances of winning a EuroMillions jackpot.

UK players may or may not win a EuroMillions jackpot during this event, but 50 players in the UK will definitely celebrate Christmas as millionaires thanks to the Millionaire Raffle game. Hopefully the EuroMillions Millionaires Month will become an annual event, but it makes sense to participate fully in the 2011 event just in case it doesn’t! Good luck!