Wednesday 1st July 2015
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EuroMillions 100 Millionaires

EuroMillions brings superb opportunities of wealth with every draw and, when a special draw like the 100 Millionaires Raffle draw comes along, those opportunities rocket.

The first ever 100 Millionaires Draw took place on Friday 27th July 2012 and coincided with the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games. It offered one hundred £1 million Millionaires Raffle prizes as a thank you to UK lottery players for helping to fund the Olympics. Not only did this special draw add to the fever of excitement surrounding the Games, it also allowed the National Lottery to set the world record for the highest ever number of millionaires created in a single draw. You can see the 100 Millionaires draw result from 2012 here.

In this first ever 100 Millionaires Raffle draw, 97 of the winning ticket holders came forward to claim their life-changing prize and on Friday 26th July 2013 the 100 Millionaires Raffle returned to give another 100 players a chance to become millionaires. You can check out the 100 Millionaires draw result from 2013 here.

Click here to find out more information on the Millionaire Maker.

How to Play the 100 Millionaires Draw

When you buy a Euromillions ticket a unique raffle number will also be shown on your ticket. If this number matches any of the 100 raffle numbers drawn then get ready to enjoy your new Millionaire status!

The Millionaire Maker results are separate to the Euromillions game so don't forget to also check your Euromillions numbers as it is possible to win both games.

To avoid lengthy queues you can buy your EuroMillions tickets online and we would strongly urge players who are not already playing online to register well in advance of a 100 Millionaire Maker draw. Not only is this quick and convenient but it eliminates the risk of losing your ticket or forgetting to check your ticket and the online system will automatically notify you of any winnings for the Lotto, Euromillions or Millionaire Maker draws. There are at least three unlucky prize winners who didn't realise they had each won £1 million in the draws, don't let that be you next time!

How to Check 100 Millionaires Draw Tickets

Once a 100 Millionaires Raffle draw has taken place you will find the winning 100 Millionaires raffle numbers on our Euromillions Results page. Due to the number of prizes available, please check your ticket carefully so that you don't miss out on your prize!

To help players with the enormous task of checking 100 Millionaire Maker numbers, has a Millionaire Maker Number Checker where you can enter your raffle number and check it against all 100 winning numbers. You can find the Millionaire Maker Checker here.