Thursday 2nd July 2015
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Daily Play Lottery

The final Daily Play Lottery draw took place on Friday 6th May. The details on this page are for information purposes only.

For the first time ever in the history of National Lotteries you were able to win a prize for matching no numbers at all - with a Daily Play Ticket. You had a one in eight chance of winning a prize.

The first step was to select which days of the week you wanted to play the Daily Play and then mark the appropriate box in the fist section of the Daily Play slip. You then needed to mark seven numbers per board by placing a heavy horizontal mark on each numbered box you picked. Each play slip had four boards for you to play at Daily Play and each board contained the number 1 to 27 an represents one selection of numbers. Alternatively, you could mark the Luck Dip box to have your number selection/s randomly generated. Daily Play costs £1 per board per draw.

How to win on Daily Play

On each Daily Play draw day there would be a random drawing of 7 numbers from the numbers 1 to 27. Match 4, 5, 6 or 7 numbers in any one selection, with the 7 numbers drawn, to win prizes from £5 to £30,000.

Match 7 - Win £30,000
Match 6 - Win £300
Match 5 - Win £30
Match 4 - Win £5

If you matched no numbers you won a £1 Daily Play Lucky Dip ticket!

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Claiming your Daily Play winnings

Up to £75 you could claim from any Daily Play Retailer. Your ticket would then be validated. Check it against the amount paid out and return it to your retailer. Daily Play Retailers could pay prizes between £75 and £200 at their discretion upon presentation of your ticket. If they were not able to do so and your ticket had not been validated you could return to the same retailer when funds were available or go to another retailer or to a National Lottery Post Office. If your ticket had been validated, you must return to the same retailer when funds were available.

Over £200 you could claim from any National Lottery Post Office. You could also claim your winning ticket by post to: The National Lottery, Accounts Dept., P.O. Box 287, Watford WD1 8TT