Thursday 2nd July 2015
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Winner's Game Plan

May Day Lotto win Whether you have a deep-seated belief or simply a wistful hope that you will one day win a lottery jackpot, being prepared for success will help you to handle that eventuality if and when it arises. Here then is our suggested “Game Plan” for you to follow when your numbers come up....

1 – Stay Calm

Hitting a lottery jackpot will change your life forever, and because we all know this (it is, after all, the main reason we choose to play lottery games in the first place) our first reaction to winning will naturally be one of intense excitement. Unfortunately, if you get too excited you may do things that you come to regret, such as shouting about your win from the rooftops or drinking a tad too much celebratory wine and misplacing your life-changing ticket. To reduce the chances of these things happening, try to stay as calm as possible and don’t speak to anyone outside your immediate family about your win.
2 – Make Your Claim
Some people seem to think that holding onto a jackpot-winning lottery ticket for a few days or weeks before making an official claim is a good way to let the reality of their good fortune sink in. The risk here is that the ticket can be lost in the gap between realising that you have won and making your claim. The best approach is therefore to make your claim immediately so that you can get the win validated as soon as possible. You will still have all the time you need to adjust to your win, but this way you won’t risk losing your ticket in the meantime.
3 – Be Careful Who You Tell
Although you may be tempted to tell everyone you know that you have won several million pounds on the lottery, sharing your news freely may not be the best idea. If you choose to opt for publicity with the lottery company then of course you don’t need to be particularly secretive about your win, but if you have turned down publicity you need to be careful who you tell about your win. Some newspapers offer “rewards” to people who can name lottery winners they know, and although you may trust certain friends with your life, others might view the reward as something worth trading your friendship for. The golden rule here is simple: If in doubt, say nothing.
4 – Take Advice
A bank account with a balance of several millions pounds cannot be managed in the same way as a bank account with a balance of a few thousand, so don’t assume that you will automatically know how to handle your money effectively. Instead, take professional financial advice. The lottery company will provide some financial advice right from the beginning, but you also need to take ongoing advice from a reliable expert on a year to year basis. Listen to what the experts have to say and at least consider their advice carefully even if you ultimately decide not to go along with it.
5 – Enjoy Life!
Becoming a multi-millionaire will change your life forever, but eventually the newness of being wealthy beyond your wildest dreams will begin to wear off. This is not a problem if you expect it to happen from the outset, so prepare for it right now and think of how you will enjoy life when the novelty of winning disappears. What hobbies will you take up? How will you spend your time day to day? What goals will you set for yourself? Thinking about these questions right now will not only help you to enjoy life as a lottery winner, it could also help you discover that many of the things you want to do can be enjoyed even without a lottery win!

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